Second Cup Café gets a debut in Blue World City

Second Cup Café gets a debut in Blue World City. Then, the significant development initiative Blue World City proceeds to the next level of its expansion by having the Second Cup Café’s test run under the horse mascot.

The most significant housing area in Islamabad is Blue World City, located in the heart of the city. The residential complex was created by the Blue Company of Companies, a sophisticated and quite thriving corporate group (BGC). The residential society presents a few of the country’s top essential services and infrastructure. They were constructed in compliance with global architecture specifications. Due to the prominent, remarkable objects that have been created there, such as a recreation of the Taj Mahal. Also, the residential complex has been dubbed a “city of tourism.”

The housing complex has a significant industrial hub, and several well-known corporations from around the globe have participated in it. The residential society’s horse mascot, on the other hand, is among the fascinating aspects of the organisation. Moreover, on May 22, 2022, the global brand Second Cup debuted its outlet with a horse as its mascot. Also, its first day of a test run had arrived. The test event drew a lot of attention from business people and residents of Islamabad.


Blue World City

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