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Frequent Asked Questions

Q1: What is Blue World City, exactly?
It is a Rawalpindi housing complex located on Chakri Road.
Q2-Who is Blue World City's investor and designer?
Blue World City is a Blue Group of Companies venture, and Saad Nazir owns it. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company of China has been tasked with its construction.
Q3- Is Blue World City a legal society?
This residential project has received RDA approval.
Q4-When will the development work start, and how long will it take for the scheme to build fully?
Development has begun, with the building work on the main gate and Main Boulevard almost finished. The land work has also been initiated in the scheme, and land levelling has begun. Also, it will be completed within the time frame given by the improvement society in 4 to 5 years.
Q5-When will development activities begin, and how long would it have taken for the scheme to be wholly constructed?
The main gate and Main Boulevard development have begun and are nearly finished. Excavation work has started in a residential society, and ground flattening has already begun. According to the construction society's timeline, it will be completed in 4 to 5 years.
Q6: Does the Blue World City provide
Blue World City has many amenities, including 24-hour access to water, power, and gas.
Q7: Is there a payment plan available at Blue World City?
Yes, the residential society offers a reasonable and straightforward three-year and four-year simple instalment price schedule for the convenience of its residents
Q8: When will land ownership be distributed throughout society?
It will be given in three to four years.
Q9 -Does the scheme have any industrial properties accessible?
Yes, in today's world, there are various industrial plots accessible. See the price plan attached to the blog above for further information if you skipped it.
Q10-Does the scheme have an Overseas Block for Pakistani citizens living abroad?
Yes, there is an overseas block enthusiastic to Pakistanis living overseas.
Q11- How can Blue World City become a regional economic powerhouse?
With diverse market prospects, Blue World City will become an area of economic growth. In addition, the blue world City will become a shareholder's wonderland due to the variety of employment and professional options afforded in society and the vicinity of the CPEC route.